1. Peripheral karyotype analysis of the parents (blood test for chromosome analysis
  2. Screening for lupus anticoagulant, anticardiolipins antibodies IgG and IgM, and anti-B2 glycoprotein1 (tests for Antiphospholipid syndrome)
  3. Ultrasound scan
  4. Sonohysterogram, HyCoSy, hysterosalpingogram, and or hysteroscopy.
  5. Screening for thyroid or prolactin abnormalities
  6. Thrombophilia screen for homozygotes further tests if positive
  7. Thyroid function, if normal thyroid autoantibodies

Possible testing of the natural killer cells – although natural killer cells have been implicated in recurrent miscarriage. Peripheral blood natural killer cells do not reflect the natural killer cells present in the uterine cavity which are presumably those that are purported to cause a miscarriage. There is on-going research in this field and it may yet be an important causal factor.