Profile picture of Julian Pampiglione

Julian Pampiglione qualified at the London Hospital Medical College in 1980. He first became interested in fertility matters in 1985. In 1986 he undertook a fertility research fellowship at Kings College Hospital. He has published widely on IVF and fertility and was a member of the Kings group led by John Parsons that pioneered ultrasound directed egg collection in the UK. This team were also the first to provide GIFT treatment in an NHS hospital in 1987. He has also worked with Professor Bob Edwards, (the IVF Pioneer) and Professor Campbell (obstetric and gynaecological ultrasound pioneer) amongst others.

His postgraduate doctoral thesis was on male infertility and resulted in the award of an MD doctorate degree by the University of London. He developed a number of strategies for evaluating sperm function. Julian has had experience of working in assisted conception at the Hallam Medical Centre London, Kings College Hospital London, Bourne Hall Cambridge, The London Women's Clinic London, Wessex Fertility Southampton, and the Winterbourne IVF Unit Dorchester. He helped set up units and train staff at the Singapore General Hospital and Thompson Medical Centre, Singapore in 1988-9.

Over the last 25 years he has initiated and developed a comprehensive fertility service in East Dorset and was based at the Royal Bournemouth Hospital until 2011. Jointly with Michael Dooley in West Dorset he has organized a comprehensive system of fertility management and succeeded in establishing NHS funding for IVF in Dorset in 1993. He oversaw the early pregnancy unit and managed the recurrent miscarriage service for East Dorset.

Julian first set up a satellite IVF programme in Dorset in 1996. His patients have achieved good pregnancy rates per cycle both when satelliting with the Winterbourne Hospital (1997-2015), Wessex fertility (2007-10), Bath Fertility Centre (2015 on) and Woking Nuffield Assisted Conception unit (2016 on). The current work with Woking Assisted conception unit is especially exciting due to their extended culture (to blastocyst) programme which allows single embryo transfers whilst maintaining an excellent pregnancy rate.

He has been interested in gynaecological ultrasound since his IVF fellowship and was one of the first to use the transvaginal method for egg collection in the UK. Through this interest he has developed programmes to help diagnosis/prognosis in early pregnancy and is an accredited trainer in Transvaginal Ultrasound for Infertility and early (first trimester) pregnancy. Through this he has become an expert in recurrent miscarriage investigation and treatment.

Julian firmly believes in offering patient centred treatment that is evidence based, effective and as low stress as is possible. Often there are several different options with a similar outcome and he will guide you through them to help you decide which suits you. He will help to steer you away from ineffective treatments that just make you feel you are doing something but do not in reality improve your chance.

Fertility and conception are chance events. This means that each time ovulation occurs there is a chance of fertilisation and conception, and this can be estimated. It is therefore important to devise a fertility strategy to maximise that chance. To this end, each couples needs are unique to them and a personal investigation and treatment plan can be devised dependent upon past history, age and previous investigations. Nutrition and general health are important to these plans. He will accurately advise you of the alternative management options available and your chance of success with each. Sadly, not everyone has a good chance and Julian feels that it is important to discuss this fully and honestly even when the chance is limited or poor.