GP referral

This will provide relevant history and additional information. You will not see any staff in training. The practice can fax the referral on 01202 707289 and/or you can phone 01202 700063 for an appointment.


Phone Mr Pampiglione’s secretary direct on 01202 700063 to arrange an appointment. If you have had any previous treatment or investigations it would be helpful to bring copies.

Direct through Nuffield

Phone Bournemouth Nuffield on 01202 069599.

Complimentary appointments

For a limited time, Dorset Fertility have available complimentary 15-minute mini-consultations. Phone Bournemouth Nuffield on 01202 069599.

The Dorset Fertility Service is a private specialist Consultant based medical service.

If you are claiming from either medical insurance or the NHS for this service we will offer advice to help you to get reimbursed, however you will be responsible for the payment of any fees.

If you are using your medical insurance you may need to be referred by your GP in the first instance. If this is the case, ask your GP to refer you to Mr Pampiglione. He is recognised as a consultant specialist by all major insurance companies. Once your GP has agreed to refer you just phone the secretary on 01202 700063 to arrange an appointment.

An appointment can be arranged for you at either the Bournemouth Nuffield Hospital or the Harbour Hospital in Poole. Both daytime and evening appointments are available and can often be arranged to suit your needs.

If you are not sure whether we can help you, please contact us.

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